Butterfly Women's Development

Butterfly Award

We developed the Award Winning Butterfly Programme following our research initially into the barriers faced by women entering management roles. We discovered that the barriers that seemed hardest to break down were those inside our own heads, regarding our perceptions of ourselves, others and the world in general.

We also discovered that women like to work together and be incredible role models for one another, drawing strength and inspiration from one another at home, work and play.

The Butterfly Women’s Development Programme was born...

Our aim is to continue to provide learning experiences for women, so they can challenge their own beliefs and make real and lasting change in their lives, make friends and have fun.

Our programmes are tailored to address the following objectives:

  • Enhance self-awareness and identify inner leadership capability
  • Develop a deep appreciation for your strengths
  • Adopt new behaviours to manage physical, emotional and mental energy
  • Develop self esteem in a sustainable way
  • Develop and sustain a proactive and positive outlook in order to manage day to day demands
  • Review aspirations and goals and create a personal action plan
  • Work within a supportive and challenging environment that encourages open and honest discussion, where everyone can share strengths and identify and respond to real time issues.

The programmes have been delivered in organisations at all levels and within communities to develop resilience and wellbeing and develop positive can do attitudes.

The real difference in the programme it that it brings together a group of like minded women in to an action learning group to move forward in the direction they need to in a supported coaching environment.

"Above expectations, I can't believe the impact it has had on the way I look at things and the positive attitude I now have. The Butterfly Programme has been hugely beneficial in both my work and family life. It has given me belief in myself, helped me to be more positive and to focus on the positive things in my life. I feel much more able to deal with the challenges ahead.
I've improved my outlook and I feel empowered to take control. I am focused on my goals and what I need to achieve. I can overcome disappointment/setbacks and still carry on towards my dreams.
Alison organised a programme called The Value in You for a group of young parents at Sure Start. It was a highly professional and quality service organised and delivered by an inspirational individual."
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